Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Global Warming Discussion

Earth has previously had about 6 or 7 ice ages
that resulted in all the ice melting causing mass extinction.
What caused the 6 or 7 previous ice ages to melt?
It couldn't be man because we weren't industrialized back then. Therefore we can deduce that
the previous ice ages that caused mass extinction
were obviously NOT man's fault.


Why is the next inevitable ice age
going to be our fault this time???


So far the only legitimate answer I have is that humans are "speeding up the process". Man-made CO2 is merely a drop in the bucket, if you don't accept that - you believe Al Gore as blindly as Republicans believed Bush when he lied about WMD in Iraq. Here's a little something from your joke-of-a-UN as well:
"Livestock production for human consumption produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined" -UN Food & Agriculture Organization

Why did Gore have to lie to mass audiences
about the polar bears in order to get his point across?

Hmmmmm....Think for your self for a change you eco-nazis! Oh wait, you only believe every thing you read and see in the media, right?

Okay, here ya go:

"I dont trust that news station; none of the reporters are
hollywood celebrities..."
Too bad the video didn't come from Fox News either;
we all know Fox News is just as much of a joke as Hollywood is.

There is a book called
"Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 years"
which is written by two scientists who I pray aren't as agenda
driven as Al Gore funded scientists or "big oil" funded scientists.

Don't attack my question. Don't attack me; it won't offend me.
The whole idea of "the big question" is for you to legitimately answer it.
Just answer the big question that I have up above.
Your comment will not be censored so long as it answers the question.
Keep junior high at a minimum level, please.

(insert satirical artwork that can be misinterpreted by stereotypical Nascar daddies as affirmations of what makes them decide who to vote for *here*)


scott said...

it is not about the fact that ice melted before... it is more about the rate at which it happens...

The crap that we churn out is heating up earth... that is unfortunately a fact...

the true sad fact is that the people and nations causing most of the effects of their energy misuse and waste of just about everything are not the poor buggers that will face the earlier consequences...

Even if we ignore global warming for a moment, lets consider that just maybe... 15% of the population of the earth have raped and pillaged 50% of the earth's resources and even dumped lots of it under the ground... If we simpley look at the amount of resources we have available to use on earth it makes loads of sense to at least stop wasting it all and living like we are the only ones on the planet...

hmd1987 said...

Scott, 1st of all thank you for giving a legitimate answer. You're literally the 1st person out of about 50 to give me a legitimate answer at least.

There is a book called
"Unstoppable Global Warming every 1,500 years".

Now I haven't read it yet but I have a pretty good feeling that it'll discount the current "captain planet complex" that the media is trying to impose on me.

Earth is CURRENTLY going through a COOLING PERIOD...which it may start heating up again in a year or two - but hey you won't hear that from agenda driven media.

There was more CO2 when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I also know that a lot of the data in Gore's slide show of a film was manipulated and exaggerated....why would Gore have to do that?

Again, I appreciate you answering the question. You even managed to do so without using name-calling! haha.