Monday, August 18, 2008

East of Eden Back 2 The Hood

Scouring through youtube sure beats changing the channels on my TV. I've just seen the work of a director by the name of Chandler Wild. This is a short student-film-adaptation of the famous book 'East of Eden'.

Top 6 things from "East of Eden Back 2 The Hood" that make me laugh:
1. Teens acting like gangstaz (the guy playing the father character especially).
2. A Chinese guy acting stereotypically Chinese.
3. An Indian pimp that rhymes when he speaks.
4. A pretty funny drive-by scene
5. A female "hoe" played by a man (who eventually strips)
6. Profanity is censored for the most part, the only exception is when background rap music is playing

Now, the director already told me he noticed a lot of things wrong film-making-wise with this video so give him a break. Enjoy this little amateur goodie.

East of Eden Back 2 The Hood Part 1:

East of Eden Back 2 The Hood Part 2:

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